Sunday, September 4, 2011


I was browsing online for pictures I could use for a project about Traditional and Modern Filipinos, and of course my dear friend Google was always ready to help me out. I was even aiming to find a particular photo that will depict the joy, warmth and prestige that will come to mind when one thinks of the word- FILIPINO. But to my demise, the power of technology slapped the reality right into my face.

Go to and search the keyword

"filipino couple"

and worst..


and you'll see what I mean.

My sister recently discovered somebody on Youtube under the username FilipinoUnggoy, a Filipino hater (as in somebody who abhors Filipinos in general) who posted his angst and disdain online. He (I'm assuming its a he), uploaded videos and blogged about why he hated the Filipino so much. When my sister told me about it, my initial response was, "Maybe he's a professional online heckler. People today do get paid just to say crap online about other people."

But after I read his words, I could say yes he hates us. He does. He really does.

And I don't blame him. Most of the things he described are really happening in the Filipino Society right now.

"Sad but True", I quote James Hetfield.

What I saw today on my quest to present a simple school project led me to serendipity. Not expecting it at all.

Okay, Maybe I still want to be a Filipino about you?

Back to work.

not happy at all.... hehehehe
Dona MartinezBSSW -2

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