Tuesday, September 13, 2011

HOTS in Social Work

The course is easy, it is not well recognized nor understood that's probably why only a few are led to take it. It does not require much intelligence, and I agree. Intelligence to me is knowing and memorizing a book from cover to cover, and perfecting an exam both in written and in oral form.

Intelligence is not a requisite to social work, because the profession demands more than intelligence - it requires WISDOM.

As against mere intelligence, wisdom entails the ability to apply whatever was learned either through self study, observation or the more formal learning methods of classroom discussion and seminars or training.

Intelligence is knowledge that is kept in the circles of the mind. Wisdom is knowledge translated to action to fulfill the goals of the profession, to practice its beliefs and its principles thereby touching the lives of both the resource consumer and the resource provider.

They question about the ability of the social work students and the social workers to perform higher order thinking (HOT). We don't call it HOT in social work, we call it critical thinking. It is the constant use of the brain by always asking the questions what, why, when, where, whom, and how with every information or in every situation.

The bar of excellence for the Social Work Program and of the Profession has been raised a tier higher. Naturally when one is doing well the spotlight of attention will be pointed to your direction. This is I think what is happening now. We are being watched and we are being observed. Personally, I think that it is the perfect opportunity for us to introduce and convince all that is looking our way to the nobility of the profession.

Let us not engage in the war of the words (that's a waste of energy), let us work harder at glorify the profession by infusing excellence and love in whatever we do as we carry the brand of being a social work student or a social worker. Let our work and its outcome speak of the caliber of thinking and wisdoms that we have.

Abundant blessings to everyone!

- Eanna

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