Saturday, August 20, 2011

My new home - Lea Airah B. Diaz

To transfer from an old school to a new and different one was indeed a hard thing to do. Almost four years I spent my high school life in my old school and I asked God to help me what course and where should I study. I ask God to give me wisdom and knowledge so that I can come up with a decision, and that was to take up Bachelor of Science in Social Work at Lourdes College.

          School year begun and do you know what I felt at that very unusual moment? Well, I felt nervous; because I am afraid on what might other people say ad afraid to be ignored. I also felt excited for I can be again with my friends and classmates in high school and elementary that I’ve been longing for so long. On the very first day I thought I’ll be like a flower standing on one corner but I am wrong when I met Abrau, Alvarado, Barcelona, Barabadan, Ejera, Jadap, Lowao, Pabelic, Perez and the rest of the first year Social Work students. These new friends of mine welcomed me heartily and I felt no worry that day and that I am glad to have them as my new friends.

          As day passed by new responsibilities came my way as well as it was a privileged and a blessing at the same time. I was elected as the External Secretary in J SWAP Club and one of the most unforgettable experiences that I had a big blessing that I received was when I became a part of the Blue Sash as one of the contributory. As my day continued to run I also met new friends, my co-officers, club adviser who was really cool and energetic. Honestly, saying it was my first excitement. I was excited to study and make a survey or random survey in every community we should go over.

          I love my course as much. I would like to leave a literary piece by Amanda Bradley. There`s a new horizons waiting, unknown challenges to meet, goals to set and discoveries to make. Social Work is somewhat there`s magical adventures, different wonders to explore, and opportunities for us to take. There are endless possibilities in every present moment and the promise of success with each new day.

          The moment I shared my life with Social Work was indeed a moment to keep and a time to treasure. Forever I will be proud of being a new daughter of Lourdes College.

Lea Airah B. Diaz BSSW-1

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